July/August 2024 Way Magazine


Articles include the following:

  • “John 1:1–Discovering Who or What Is ‘the Word’” by Teresa Guigou
      • Discover the rich understanding of John 1:1, where the multifaceted occurrences of “the Word” illuminate God’s communication of His truth and love.
  • “Finding the Lost: The Parables of Luke 15” by John Daughhetee
      • Explore the profound Biblical parables of Luke 15 and see their unique ability to embed spiritual truths in our minds.
  • “The Value of Personal Visits by Leadership” by Brian Jackson
      • Delve into the impact of leadership’s personal visits to believers, inspired by the examples set forth in Scripture.
  • “Navigating Pitfalls in Higher Education” by Abby Tye
      • Empower your university journey with spiritual wisdom and uplifting stories that integrate believing into academic success.
  • “Joshua and the Conquest of the Promised Land” by Sarah Jean Edsall
      • Follow Joshua’s extraordinary journey from apprentice to leader, as he leads Israel to triumph in the long-awaited Promised Land.
  • “Ancient Eastern Mealtime Customs” by Martha Etchison
      • Discover the unique customs of Biblical mealtimes.
  • “The Double Analogy of I Corinthians 12”
      • Explore the dual analogy in I Corinthians 12, illustrating how the human body’s unity mirrors both the diverse manifestations of holy spirit and the unified Body of Christ.
  • “The Teacher’s Corner: Five Keys for Effective Delivery”
  • “Going to Work for God” by Dessie Walker
      • Read a story of friendship, which recounts how sharing God’s Word brings together hearts and builds lasting bonds.

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