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Welcome to The Way International Bookstore!

Biblical research is not only at the foundation of The Way Ministry but also at the foundation of each of our individual lives. Biblical research is for every believer, not just a few.

Every believer has the joy of working the Word so that it lives for him or her. One of the challenges in Biblical research is that none of the original manuscripts—on which holy men of God wrote down the revelation they were given—are available today. But when God gave the Word to them by revelation, He built integrity into it. So even without original manuscripts, we can work with Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and English reference materials and see the heart and intent that God wanted to communicate.

Utilizing these reference materials helps the workman of the Word to study it with diligence by applying principles of Biblical research, which we teach in our ministry’s classes. Our goal is that we rightly divide that Word to get back to God’s original intent. The Way International Bookstore is an excellent resource for meeting a variety of needs in this category of Biblical research materials.