Refund and Returns Policy

Domestic Shipping

  • Currently, we are shipping to US customers only. Please contact us directly for information about international shipments.
  • Domestic customer shipments will be charged shipping costs according to a scale based on the value of the shipment (available upon request).
  • Unless specified by you, we will choose the carrier most appropriate to the items ordered and any shipping priority requested.

Lost Shipments

  • If a shipment is believed to be lost, we request that you wait enough time for any shipping issues to resolve themselves (approximately 1 month for domestic customers).
  • If, after the necessary amount of time has passed, you have still not received your shipment, we will resend your shipment one time at no additional charge.

Damaged Shipments

  • If you receive a shipment that includes damaged items (whether defective or damaged in shipping), we will resend any damaged items one time at no additional charge.

Returned Shipments

  • If your shipment is returned to the Bookstore as undeliverable, we will refund you the full amount of your order, including shipping costs.