Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible


The Egermeier’s Bible Storybook has been a favorite for generations. Now, the NEW Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible brings the Bible to life with exciting updated illustrations and an entire series of quick-sketching videos that tell the stories as they appear on the screen. Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible is a chronological journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, relating 312 Biblical records with the purpose of gleaning the best of each story without watering it down. Having scripture references and several discussion questions located at the end of each story, this new story Bible is an ideal teaching tool.

Not only can the stories be read, but you can scan the QR codes throughout the book to watch the stories being drawn before your very eyes! Believers of all ages can use the videos from this book as visual aids when teaching in their home fellowships or elsewhere. An understanding of God’s Word is a gift to our kids that lasts a lifetime, and Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible makes reading the Bible an interactive adventure.

Recommended for children ages 5 and above.

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