Living Victoriously Today Note Cards (pk 8)


For over eighty years the rightly divided Word of God taught and lived in our ministry has made it possible for people around the world to live victoriously. That’s a reason to celebrate! Our united worldwide focus during this Eightieth Anniversary year is Living Victoriously Today.

On our beautiful note cards, the sun rises on a new day, lighting up the rural Ohio countryside where there stands a mighty white oak tree. The Way Tree symbolism reminds us of the different aspects of the oak tree. It grows from a small acorn seed. The acorn is filled with all the potential to develop into full maturity and produce fruit of its own. When planted in optimal conditions, over time the acorn grows from stage to stage, providing shade, strength, and beauty for future generations. This beautiful artwork can remind us and others that our lives are a mighty witness in the world when we take believing action on God’s promises and manifest His love and power.

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