Mar/Apr 2011 Way Magazine


This year we’re gaining greater understanding of how our ministry is patterned after the principles recorded in the Book of Acts. In Acts we see vivid illustrations of believing men and women who spoke God’s Word and gave of their lives so that others could enjoy a more abundant life. This issue focuses on practical ways we too can reach out to others.

Felicia Adams covers three records in God’s Word where believers saw great victory by “The Power of the Spoken Word.” Next, Rev. Don Lomax shows that you too can bring deliverance because “You Can Teach God’s Word!” As we receive the Word with meekness and retain it with conviction, we have what we need to teach it with boldness. In “Living Epistles: Special Delivery from the Father’s Heart,” Tom Knupp explains how important it is for each of us to fulfill our role as sons of God and personally deliver His message. Included with this article is “For Further Study” to help you build this great truth in your heart.

Rev. John Spevak gives us a closer look at “Serving in the One Body: Helps and Governments.” He spotlights these two important ministries of service that are necessary to moving God’s prevailing Word to the world. Looking up the verses on our yearly theme scripture page will increase your understanding of principles that yielded the great growth in the Book of Acts.

The Prevailing Word Report provides insight on LEAD, an “I can do” outdoor program that continues to be a vital part of The Way Corps training. A pictorial update on the camps and getaways held recently at beautiful Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch will have you picturing yourself at one or more of the upcoming camps! Finally, our report on the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XVII shows that they are experiencing accelerated spiritual growth as they shine as lights in their communities.

God has no hands but our hands, no feet but our feet, with which to spread His Word. You can build your confidence and believing to teach the truth of God’s Word by reading and rereading the articles in this issue—then determine to share with others what God has done for you and what He can do for them too!

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