Order My Steps In Thy Word


In this book, Dr. Wierwille shows what great love God had for us. Studies include God’s plan for creation, His plan for leadership in the Body of Christ, His walk with three Old Testament men of God, and His personal walk with every believer. This book will thrill your heart with the accuracy and practicality of God’s matchless Word.

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Table of Contents

  • Part I  God’s Order for Life
    • God Almighty – El Shaddai
    • God’s Blueprint of Creation
    • Heirs Together of the Grace of Life
  • Part II  God’s Order for Leadership
    • The Qualities of a Spiritual Leader
    • The Qualifications for Ordination
    • The Higher Powers of Romans 13
    • The Transfer of Leadership
  • Part III  God’s Order in Old Testament Times
    • A Man in Whom the Spirit of God Is
    • Choose You This Day
    • The Way of Life or Death
  • Part IV  God’s Order for Quality Believers
    • Climbing High to Seek Truth
    • The Mark of Quality
    • The Light of Life
    • Quickened Together with Christ