Power for Abundant Living


First published in 1971, Power for Abundant Living sets forth in written form a twelve-session class that Dr. Wierwille taught to thousands of students around the world. Power for Abundant Living explains the keys, or signposts, that guide readers to a knowledge of how the Word of God fits together from Genesis to Revelation. With an understanding of the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word, readers can learn how to use the spiritual abilities promised in the Word to evidence God’s abundance in their lives. Enjoy this seventy-fifth anniversary publication of Power for Abundant Living.

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Part I – The Power of Believing

  • Introduction: The Abundant Life
  • The Fountain of Living Waters
  • Availability, Receivability, Usability
  • Believing Equals Receiving
  • Believing: Faith and Fear
  • Part II – The Bible Is the Word of God

  • The God-Breathed Word
  • That Man May Be Perfect
  • Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone
  • In the Beginning Was the Word
  • Mightily Grew the Word of God and Prevailed
  • The Rightly Divided Word
  • The Translations of the Word of God
  • Part III – How the Bible Interprets Itself

  • In Its Verse
  • In Its Context
  • In Its Previous Usage
  • To Whom the Word Is Written
  • Part IV – The New Birth

  • Body, Soul, Spirit – Formed, Made, Created
  • “…Thou Shalt Surely Die”
  • Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God
  • Born Again of Incorruptible Seed
  • Remission and Forgiveness of Sin
  • The Unforgiveable Sin
  • Part V – Power in Christ Jesus

  • Renewing One’s Mind
  • Knowing One’s Sonship Rights
  • The Five Ministries in the Church
  • The Holy Spirit and Fruit of the Spirit