“Return of the Seventy” Print


“Return of the Seventy” is an enthralling painting by Clem Robins that beautifully encapsulates a pivotal moment from the Gospel of Luke. The artwork is inspired by the joyous return of the seventy disciples, who were thrilled to discover that they could wield the same power over the devil-spirit kingdom as Jesus Christ. The painting serves as a visual testament to the manifestation of God’s power and the joy it brought to Jesus Christ, seeing his disciples effectively operate that power.

The painting also subtly hints at the future, suggesting the disciples’ capability to take Jesus’ place in the world after his earthly ministry. It’s a poignant reminder of the immeasurably greater abilities we possess today as part of the Body of Christ. “Return of the Seventy” is not just a painting; it’s a celebration of the Christian faith, a testament to spiritual growth, and an inspiration for stewarding the power and privileges that come with new birth. This artwork is a perfect addition to any space where spiritual reflection and conversation are welcomed.

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