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This scripture index lists all the references from Genesis to Revelation covered in books by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille and in studies in Biblical accuracy by other authors. With it you can quickly locate anything related to a specific section of scripture.

Our free handout explains some of the ways this research work can help you in your Biblical study.


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This scripture index provides access to the research presented in the following materials published by American Christian Press.
  • Are the Dead Alive Now? (2nd edition 2012)
  • The Bible Tells Me So (2nd edition 2015)
  • Christians Should Be Prosperous (2nd edition 2016)
  • God’s Magnified Word (2nd edition 2018)
  • Jesus Christ Is Not God (2nd edition 2014)
  • Jesus Christ Our Passover (2nd edition 2014)
  • Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1st edition 2015)
  • Joy and Peace in Believing (1st edition 2017)
  • Keys to Spiritual Light (2nd edition 2012)
  • The Life-style of a Believer (1st edition 2016)
  • Living God’s Word Together and Reaching Out (1st edition 2019)
  • The New, Dynamic Church (2nd edition 2000)
  • Order My Steps in Thy Word (2nd edition 2002)
  • Outreach Strategies of Jesus Christ (2nd edition 2017)
  • Power for Abundant Living (1st edition 2017)
  • Receiving the Holy Today (7th edition 2015)
  • The Rise and Expansion of the Christian Church in the First Century (1st edition 1994)
  • What God’s Word Says about Angels (2nd edition 2018)
  • The Word in Marriage and the Family (1st edition 2022)
  • The Word’s Way (2nd edition 2016)