The Way Throwback Bumper Sticker


You stand out as a committed Biblical student. This bumper sticker will stand out with you and represents our commitment as a ministry to Biblical research. Its artwork is bright green to indicate growth. Growth in what? The growth in the ministry that stands for rightly dividing God’s Word! If this bumper sticker looks familiar, it’s because it is based on a design of a popular bumper sticker that our ministry produced into the 1990s and features an early version of our ministry’s logo. But unlike the bumper stickers of the 90s, these are removable. The Magnet Bumper Sticker can be placed on the trunk of your car, your fridge, or any other magnetic surface. The Window Cling Bumper Sticker can be put inside the window of your car, home, or office, and the artwork will face outside for all to enjoy. Our ministry is constantly growing, but one thing that will never change is our passion for the truth. Use this bumper sticker to display your passion for the truth.

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