Faithful Bridge Builders Of The Way


Thousands of people have come to know God and His Word through The Way International and yet may not have a knowledge of the work and believing it took to build the ministry.  This book presents a snapshot of a few of the original “bridge builders” of The Way.  Reading it, you will grow in appreciation for the commitment, the selflessness, and the labor of love and believing that these men and women invested. Their stand has enabled each of us to receive the rightly divided Word and to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded believers as we live according to God’s Word today.

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  1. Dorothea Wierwille
  2. Don and Wanda Wierwille
  3. Harry and Naomi Wierwille
  4. Rhoda Wierwille
  5. Mal and Jan George
  6. Howard Allen
  7. Emogene Allen
  8. George and Bernita Jess
  9. Eddie and Donna Doersam