Jan/Feb 2015 Way Magazine


To receive God’s abundant blessings, we first need to know what is available. In this issue of The Way Magazine, we’ll see from God’s Word some of the blessings He has made available to us by His grace so that we can abound in life and reach out with His grace to bless others.

Rev. Marlo Vergara shares fundamental Biblical truths and examples of “Believing God to Win in the Spiritual Competition.” We learn from God’s spiritual “playbook”—His Word—how we can be victorious and win in any situation. In “God Is Our Sufficiency Yesterday, Today, and Forever,” Connie Richards shows that whether we are young or old, we can keep God as our sufficiency, always trusting Him to lovingly provide.

A very useful blessing you’ll find in this issue is the 2014 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index, which lists all the authors, articles, and scriptures found in the issues over the past calendar year. If you like, you may remove it and file it with other indexes for easy reference.

Winsome Compton explains how to “Be Anxious for Nothing” from the words and phrases in Philippians 4:6 and 7; we see the role that prayer plays in living free from anxious care and in seeing God’s promises come to pass. In Titles of God in the Bible, Rev. Joe Naviello explores the Biblical uses of “Jehovah-elyon—The Lord Most High.” This title of God reveals His authority over all the earth along with His willingness and ability to bless His people abundantly.

An exciting new department is “Witnesses in Our Occupations.” This introductory article describes the important role we have as witnesses for God and His Son Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives. By living the principles of God’s Word and by manifesting the power He gave us, we can positively influence our workplaces and bring glory to Him.

Don’t forget The Prevailing Word Report! It will bless your heart as you read about the impact of the Biblical Studies Series classes conducted in The Way of the U.S.A.

As you read this issue, perhaps you will recall incidents in which God has supplied your need in remarkable ways. Why not make note of them so that you can inspire believing in others with your stories of God’s deliverance!

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