Jan/Feb 2019 Way Magazine


This year we’re digging deeper into God’s Word to increase our knowledge and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ—of his multifaceted life, ministry, and accomplishments—so that we can boldly and confidently make him known to others.

In “Ephesians 1:15-23: The First Prayer in Ephesians,” Rev. David Chavoustie focuses on the walk of spiritual abundance and power that God has made available to us through Christ in the Grace Administration. Keith Echternacht helps us to become even more convinced that we are “Totally Redeemed!” as he expounds on the scriptures regarding what redemption is and seven things God accomplished for us by Jesus Christ. In Witnesses in Our Occupations, Rev. David Lippold teaches how to gain open doors to hold forth the Word of Life and lead others to greater quality of life and service by “Shining as Lights in the Military.”

The 2018 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index is a resource to help us incorporate The Way Magazine into our personal study of God’s Word. This detachable index lists all the authors, articles, and scriptures published in the 2018 issues. Our new series—Five Basics for Building Faithfulness—highlights five areas where we can develop greater faithfulness to God. This introduction to the series builds our vision for growing as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by looking at faithfulness in God’s Word.

What Does the Word Say? explains the Biblical usage of the words “believing” and “hope” to answer this question: “What is our responsibility in receiving what God promises us now and for the future?” The Prevailing Word Report gives us an inside look at the dynamic Young Adult Fellowship that was held October 6 and 7, 2018, in Sidney, Ohio, in conjunction with The Way International’s seventy-sixth anniversary celebration.

The Way Magazine provides practical keys you can apply to make God’s Word even more living and real in your life. You could make a plan with your home fellowship to read this issue by a specific date; then based on what you learn, discuss specific actions your fellowship can take to see greater blessings from God.

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