Jul/Aug 2020 Way Magazine


Life involves making choices, and we manage our lives by managing our choices. As sons of God who endeavor to walk worthy of the Lord, we will have untold blessings as we make choices that align with God’s Word.

In “Let’s Choose to Be Thankful,” Rebeca Hulse teaches why thankfulness is important and ways we can maintain our thankfulness. In “God’s Will: Experience the Good, Avoid the Evil,” Rev. Pierre-Raphaël Baende points out God’s will for us—that we choose to do His Word and experience His goodness. Patsy Chavoustie shares practical keys that we can use to become better listeners who are “Listening Well to Help.”

Felicia Adams gives us a close look at claiming our God-given justification and righteousness so that we can live with “Freedom from Guilt and Condemnation.” In the series With God All Things Are Possible, Jerry Martinez shows that God has “Power over Numbers.” We see that when God’s people choose to seek Him, He is faithful to respond and can provide the victory in phenomenal ways, regardless of the numerical odds.

Manners and Customs of the Bible gives a brief survey of the cultural practice of “Fasting” in both the Old and New Testaments and relates a variety of reasons why people in the Bible chose to fast. The Prevailing Word Report explains one way the in-residence Way Corps training develops spiritual leaders: by providing an environment that promotes and teaches good habits based on the greatness of God’s Word.

Some of the most inspiring stories in life are of people who overcame obstacles and chose to become successful. Even if circumstances are thrust upon us, we can choose how we will respond to them. As we learn from this issue’s articles, we can confidently claim God’s promises in any situation, knowing that He will perform His Word. Then we can be the ones with the inspiring stories to share with others!

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