Jan/Feb 2022 Way Magazine


Occasionally you might see a single tree that has been uprooted in a strong storm. But have you ever seen an entire grove or forest of trees uprooted by a storm? No, because the roots of those trees are intertwined, making their stand together much stronger. Similarly, we as brothers and sisters in Christ are stronger when we are deeply rooted together in the strength of God’s Word, having our hearts firmly knit together in love.

In consideration of this year’s theme, Our Hearts Knit Together in Love, we present a pertinent reprint of the article “That Our Hearts Might Be Comforted” by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, the Founding President of The Way International. This article shows from Colossians 2 the comfort of standing together and walking in our completeness in Christ. In “Let’s Make God’s Word Our Own!” Sam Graham explores what this phrase means as well as why and how to do it. He encourages us to take greater personal ownership of the Biblical truths we’ve heard so that they are living and real to us.

In “Remembering God’s Wonderful Works,” Teresa Kuntz highlights how God has given us His Word to remind us of the wonderful works He has willingly performed for His people throughout the ages. For your handy reference, in this issue is the detachable 2021 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index designed to help you quickly find authors, articles, and scriptures presented in the past year, without having to search through the issues.

Sharon Bass teaches that “Our Faithful God Keeps His Word” and will perform His promises with His mighty power as we trust Him. “An Introduction to Old Testament History” by Keith Jackson breaks ground for a new series that will give a basic overview of the Old Testament and enhance our understanding of where Biblical accounts fit within the scope of God’s narrative. “Does God tempt people?” Find out in What Does the Word Say?

With our hearts knit together in love, united with one mind on God’s Word, we can expect to spiritually abound in life as we take the truths of God’s mighty Word over the world!

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