Sep/Oct 2019 Way Magazine


God gave us His Word so that we can understand and do His will. As we line up our manner of living with God’s will, we can walk with spiritual power and receive the positive results that His Son, Jesus Christ, promised in John 10:10. The truths presented in this issue help us accomplish this!

In “Forgiving One Another—Ephesians 4:32,” Kate Sewell shows God’s will for us to be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving, based on what God did—and does—for us in Christ. Joel Hubanks presents “Our Completeness in I Corinthians 1:30,” looking at four spiritual blessings we gained through the accomplishments of Jesus Christ when we became born again of God’s spirit. Char Zeilman takes us to God’s Word to view “Joy-Filled Living” and to learn some practical keys to living with an abundance of joy. In “Walking in Righteousness: Becoming More Like Christ Each Day,” Stephanie Henson explains what righteousness is, how we obtained it, and how we can walk in it.

A colorful two-page center spread expresses the joy and blessings of the Adventures in Songwriting Youth Camp, held July 2–6, 2019, and summer getaways at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch. In the Five Basics for Building Faithfulness series, Ernestine Brown expounds on two specific benefits of “Fellowshipping with Like-Minded Believers” as well as practical ways to incorporate this fundamental principle in our lives by following the example of the first-century Church.

The Prevailing Word Report gives inspiring highlights of the Young Adult Fellowship that was held June 8 and 9 in Piqua, Ohio, and the graduation of The Way Corps class of 2019 in July at The Way International Headquarters.

Enjoy establishing a victorious mind-set and manifesting a power-filled life as you study and practically apply the delivering truths of God’s Word presented here in The Way Magazine!

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