Jul/Aug 2007 Way Magazine


This year we are bringing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ to the forefront with our teaching theme, The Promised Land of the Prevailing Word: Walking in the Steps of Jesus Christ. The clearer understanding we have of his brilliant example and what God accomplished for us in him, the stronger power base we have from which to follow in his footsteps and to carry out his works.

In “Receiving God’s Sufficiency,” Rev. John Linder shows from God’s Word the many spiritual and physical blessings God has made available to us. You’ll rejoice to find three practical keys to help us receive those benefits and live with greater quality of life. Rev. David Chavoustie encourages us to exercise “Our Citizenship in Heaven” by walking out on the truths of the seven Church Epistles to claim the rights and privileges we have been given through the completed work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Josephine Wallace teaches us that “Demonstrating God’s Heart of Forgiveness” to one another is an important aspect of continuing faithful in Christ Jesus and promoting unity in the household of God. Would you like to know “How to Avoid Limiting God” in your life? In looking at magnificent Biblical examples of men and women who refused to limit God, Steve Longley shows us how to magnify God’s Word in our thinking, and he inspires us to not limit God in our lives.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess looks at “The Eastern Wedding” and its customs to increase our understanding of related scriptures. The Prevailing Word Report will bless you with inspiring news of the learning, growth, and deliverance enjoyed by Advanced Class graduates who participated in Advanced Class Special 2007 held last April at Headquarters. Also in this report is an insightful update on the training of the in-residence Way Corps who are preparing themselves for a lifetime of Christian service as ministers of Jesus Christ.

As we daily apply this issue’s truths and principles, we’ll be living the more abundant life that Jesus Christ made available. We’ll be carrying out his works as we reach out in service to God and His people.

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