Jul/Aug 2018 Way Magazine


The most basic key to a life of abundance and power is that the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God. This issue of The Way Magazine helps us broaden our understanding of this essential truth so that we can receive and share more of the blessings and benefits God has promised us in His Word.

In “Ephesians 4: Keeping the Unity of the Spirit,” Rev. Mike Chavoustie shows that unity is based on God’s Word and that we endeavor to keep that spiritual unity by living God’s Word together. Lincoln Zeilman teaches how we can avoid living with regrets of the past, self-condemnation, and doubt by “Living in the Now of Today with the Hope of Tomorrow.” Sam Graham looks at the standard of love Jesus Christ lived and taught and shows how we can manifest this same kind of love in our lives by “Going the Full Distance with God’s Love.” In “Understanding God’s Gift of Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues,” Candice Friend answers some questions people ask about the gift of holy spirit and speaking in tongues and also reviews a few of the amazing benefits of speaking in tongues.

The Prevailing Word Report echoes inspiring news of the 75 Years and Onward Days in the Word in The Way of the U.S.A. Regions, as well as the Countrywide 75th Anniversary Days in the Word in International Outreach countries. In an update on the in-residence Way Corps training, we see that the pattern in the Word and in the training of The Way Corps is to learn from examples to the point of being able to effectively teach others. The in-residence Way Corps learn not only from God and His Word, but also from other disciples around them. In turn, they become examples to each other and to those who witness the quality of their lives.

Our ministry theme, The Word of God Is the Will of God, is not only for us to know and live this Word, but for us to share it with others who have a yearning desire to know God’s will. When we know God’s will, we can have the best. As our ministry’s President, Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle, stated at our Seventy-fifth Anniversary in October 2017, “What a wonderful goal to have in our ministry—to seek the best for our lives, for our families, for people we meet, and for our world.” May you have God’s best as you enjoy this issue!

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