Mar/Apr 2009 Way Magazine


An abundant life full of God’s blessings is ours to enjoy as we put on the Word and claim His promises. To learn more about promises available to us as sons of God, let’s go to the Scriptures.

Rev. Doug Orlick illustrates God’s great love in making available “Our Sonship Right of Redemption.” In her article, “Claiming the More Abundant Life—A Study of John 10:10,” Patsy Chavoustie teaches how we can overcome the adversary and claim the more abundant life that is ours through Jesus Christ.

Rev. Perry Peace shares how we, like the Apostle Peter, can manifest “Fearless Living” when we focus on the power and authority we have as sons of God. For additional learning on this topic, explore the sources provided “For Further Study.” Jeff Gardner shows how we can achieve even greater stability in our lives by continuing to make God’s wisdom and knowledge “The Stability of Our Times.” This issue also contains our yearly theme scripture page. We can broaden our mind-set to serve with gladness as we read and study these verses.

The Prevailing Word Report gives inspiring updates on two groups of believers who are committed to serving the Lord with joy and gladness: the in-residence Way Corps, who are being trained in Christian leadership service, and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XV, who are reaching others with the good news of God’s Word in their assigned areas. Also featured is a special photo essay of recent events hosted by Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess teaches about the role of “The Daysman,” or mediator, in Eastern culture and shows the application to us today.

One way we can serve with gladness each day is through prayer. You can use your issue of The Way Magazine to look for important things to include on your prayer list, such as upcoming events and the believers who will be involved. Matthew 21:22 promises that as we ask in prayer with believing, we shall receive!

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