Mar/Apr 2019 Way Magazine


God always wants the best for us, and He has given us exceeding great and precious promises so that we can confidently claim all He has to give. This issue of The Way Magazine sheds light on many of those blessings and how we can take action on God’s Word to live the Word’s way.

Rev. Perry Peace teaches how to answer “No” to the question “Are You Limiting God?” by expounding on Ephesians 3:20 to highlight God’s ability, to encourage us to rely on His ability, and to help us avoid limiting Him in our lives. Dan Condry shares that the love of God has many powerful characteristics that help us serve God together. By learning to live these qualities in our service, we can “Triumph by Serving Together with Love.”

In the series Five Basics for Building Faithfulness, Liz Greene considers why we want to “Give Attendance to Reading” God’s Word, what some benefits are, and some practical ways to make it happen. By reviewing the yearly theme scripture spread, “Making Known Jesus Christ,” on pages 14 and 15, we can establish in our hearts who Jesus Christ is and what he accomplished for us. In Witnesses in Our Occupations, Angela Priester shares two keys to help us maintain a proper balance of work and family responsibilities to live the Word’s way. As we keep God first in our lives, both at home and at work, we shine as lights in this world.

What Does the Word Say? shows us how to take charge and manage the massive amount of information that comes at us every day. Manners and Customs of the Bible helps us to better understand what Jesus Christ meant when he referred to himself as “the good shepherd” in John 10:11. The Prevailing Word Report gives an inside look at recent developments concerning the in-residence Way Corps training program and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXV.

Each article in this issue of The Way Magazine was written to help us, the readers, live life in the center of God’s will. We can rely on God’s ability, we can serve with love, we can build our faithfulness in reading the Word, we can live with peace and balance, we can make Jesus Christ known! What action will you take today to live the Word’s way?

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