Mar/Apr 2016 Way Magazine


Our motivation to love is not based on our emotions, our feelings, or our circumstances, but on the desire to live God’s love and to walk according to His Word. As we go to the Word in this issue and grow in our understanding of how God shows His love, we can grow also in our comprehension of how to love Him back and how to extend His great love to others.

Perry Priester teaches how we can “Walk Circumspectly…as Wise” by looking at the phrase “walk circumspectly” in Ephesians 5:15 and by observing characteristics of the wise in the Book of Proverbs. We see in Maria Rupp’s article how to “Receive, Retain, and Release the Word to Grow Spiritually.” This building process gives us a vital and dynamic formula to apply for success day by day.

In I Corinthians 13: The Love of God, the characteristic of God’s love that we examine is “The Love of God Suffereth Long.” We see how God defines this characteristic in His Word and the powerful effect long-suffering has on others. Rev. Gene Bianchi explains in Witnesses in Our Occupations how he trained himself to be a witness in his occupation by “Working Heartily in the Building Arts”; he shares Biblical principles and keys to excellence that we can apply.

Manners and Customs of the Bible explains the spiritual significance of the curious Eastern expression “under the fig tree” from John 1:48. On pages 14 and 15 you’ll find the yearly theme scripture pages. Enjoy letting the Word speak to your heart as you read these powerful verses that focus on Living God’s Love. A two-page spread covering two of the latest events at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch will stir rich memories for past participants and inspire future plans for others. The Prevailing Word Report gives insight into the in-residence Way Corps training as well as an update on the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXII, who are seeing that their faithfulness to speak the truth in love causes them to grow up in Christ.

Consider reading each of the verses on the yearly theme scripture pages with their context—you’ll gain greater scope on Living God’s Love. Then look up related scriptures to build your Biblical understanding even further!

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