Jan/Feb 2021 Way Magazine


Hebrews 11:6 assures us that God is “a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Whether we’re new believers or we have walked with God for a long time, the practical keys in this issue remind us that as we reach out to God with believing, He responds and rewards us abundantly.

Rev. Joe Coulter considers “Jesus Christ’s Prayer Life.” Prayer was a vital part of Jesus Christ’s personal life and his ministry service as he went to God for guidance and strength to accomplish His will. Michael Cook shows why “The Counsel of the Lord Is Absolutely Reliable.” We will never be disappointed when we trust Him to lead us down the path of success He has for us.

In “Every Promise in the Book Is Mine!” Barbara Stanley teaches us how to recognize a promise of God written directly to us and how to claim it for our own. Our new series, “Living the Mystery in This Wonderful Age of Grace,” shows us aspects of the Mystery that build our understanding of the remarkable life we can live together as sons of God. “The Great Mystery Revealed, God’s Purpose Fulfilled” is the introductory article; there we see what the Mystery is, how it came about, and what it means to us in this wonderful Age of Grace. What Does the Word Say? answers the question, “Why did man’s redeemer have to be a man?” In The Prevailing Word Report, we have international outreach updates on our seventy-eighth anniversary and on the Power Partners outreach challenge.

We are excited to inform you that starting with this issue we are increasing the size of the text to enhance readability. We are also adding four more pages to every issue! Let us know how you like these changes.

As we keep our eyes focused on God’s Word by faithfully reading and studying it, we can be radiant with the light of His Word. Let’s shine in this world, taking every opportunity to hold forth the Word of Truth and turn darkness into light!

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