Mar/Apr 2017 Way Magazine


Manifesting the bold believing that overcomes the world takes building our understanding of God, His promises, and His power, and then taking action. This issue helps build our understanding of what we can accomplish by going to God and His Word and claiming the victory.

Rev. Dennis Ham broadens our scope of “Building a Strong, Effectual Prayer Life” by focusing on four aspects of prayer listed in Philippians 4:6 and I Timothy 2:1. Millie Vergara compares the memorial of Passover in the Old Testament with “The Memorial of Holy Communion” today, which helps us see the magnitude of the benefits and deliverance available to us now.

Patsy Chavoustie shows that as we keep our thoughts within the bounds of God’s Word, we have the “Godly Confidence” we need to walk effectively with the strength and humility of the Christ in us. In I Corinthians 13: The Love of God, we see that loving with God’s love requires us to put on the mind of Christ and love as he loved: that includes refusing to log wrongs done to us or to think evil as a result.

In Witnesses in Our Occupations, Rev. John Niesz gives some specific godly principles that believers working in the field of agriculture can apply to be “Witnesses of God’s Abundance in Agriculture.”

Picture yourself overcoming the world by your believing as you enjoy reading the verses in the theme scripture center spread. The Prevailing Word Report informs us about the ministry’s recent transition of the presidency along with the naming of the supporting Officer team; you’ll also find updates on the in-residence Way Corps training, the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXIII, and a high country event at Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch.

Consider getting together with other believers and studying verses in this issue that have helped you to overcome the world by your believing. You could discuss how those verses give you confidence that God will be there to help you now and in the future.

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