May/Jun 2020 Way Magazine


As we continue to delve into the Scriptures on this year’s ministry theme, we are gaining valuable insight on how to practically apply the doctrine addressed to us in the Grace Administration. This issue of The Way Magazine can help us learn more about how we can walk as sons of God (Ephesians 4:1).

In “Peter—Preaching with Power on Pentecost,” Dean Etchison teaches how we can be successful in reaching others with the knowledge of Jesus Christ as we imitate Peter’s example by being prepared, bold, and loving. Lou Guigou gives us an overview of the key teachers involved in “Jesus Christ’s Childhood Training,” who helped him grow mightily in God’s Word and answer God’s call for his life. We’ll see that teaching children God’s Word helps them grow strong and walk big for their heavenly Father.

Rev. Matthew Wingler shows how the young adults at The Way International Headquarters are engaged in “Effective Outreach with Proven Practices”—practices that the first-century believers applied and that are still effective and powerful today. In the series With God All Things Are Possible, Rose Mary Hill demonstrates the limitlessness of God’s ability and His willingness to deliver, even in dire situations, in “Raising the Dead.”

Dig a little deeper into four of the articles in this issue as you enjoy the Interactive Activities on pages 13–16. What Does the Word Say? answers the question “Since God gave us power in the new birth, why don’t all believers manifest this power?” With highlights and photographs, The Prevailing Word Report gives the latest news on the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXVI, who celebrated their successful six-month tenure at their recognition fellowships on Saturday, April 4, 2020. On page 27, enjoy a sharing from the new President of The Way International, Rev. Vern Edwards.

As we take action on the practical keys taught in this issue, we will have greater confidence and boldness to reach out to those who need to hear God’s Word. We can walk powerfully as sons of God today!

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