May/Jun 2007 Way Magazine


To walk in the steps of Jesus Christ takes knowing how he walked and what he accomplished for us. Because God’s only begotten Son finished the work God gave him to do, we can walk powerfully as sons of God today.

From the Book of Acts, Patsy Chavoustie describes how Peter walked with boldness and power as a son of God, answering the question—“How Do Sons of God Walk? With Manifested Power!” Rev. Tom Mullins helps us to better understand “Our Identification with Jesus Christ: A Position of Power.” As we demonstrate our true spiritual identity, we can be triumphant in any situation. We have this “Treasure in Earthen Vessels,” as Rev. Bill Greene shares from the Scriptures, and God’s priceless gift of holy spirit inside us gives us life, content, and purpose.

For our young people—and the young at heart—on pages 13–16 you’ll find some exciting activities that will help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word! Have fun searching through this issue’s feature articles for the “info” to complete these enriching activities. In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. John Rupp handles another important key to rightly dividing God’s Word: interpretation and application are always with respect to whom it is addressed.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess explains the Biblical “salute” and several types of “Salutations in God’s Word,” helping us to better understand scriptures where these Eastern greetings occur. Glad tidings abounded in the recognition fellowships held in honor of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIII. Read The Prevailing Word Report and see their faithfulness and commitment to hold forth God’s Word to the communities they served in the United States and Canada.

Rich blessings are in store for us as we believe the Word about ourselves and walk powerfully as sons of our heavenly Father.

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