May/Jun 2011 Way Magazine


God’s Word will not fail us when we find the promise that meets our need and believe it. We can always count on receiving it as we believe because God is committed to fulfill His Word. May the contents of this issue inspire you to believe bigger than ever and succeed in scaling the peaks of life.

Rev. Pierre-Raphaël Baende elaborates on “Our Power to Overcome” any obstacle or challenge by developing a “champion mind-set.” Holly Lippold shows us how and why “The Truth Shall Make You Free” from fear, from sin, and from negative emotions in any category. Rev. Federico Alvarez gives us keys to “Living a Confident Life of Trust in God.” Applying these keys can help us to build an undisturbed trust and confidence in God so that we can be victorious in any circumstance of life.

In Titles of God in the Bible, Gene Slavit looks in the Old Testament at the Hebrew name Jehovah, the Lord in relationship to His creation, showing the intimacy of His relationship with His people. An informative sidebar accompanies this article that explains some of the background of the spelling of Jehovah. The Children’s Activities located in the center spread contain fun activities that spring from the articles to help young believers build these truths even deeper in their lives.

This past April, joyous recognition fellowships were held for the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XVII in celebration of the successful completion of their six-month tenure in the United States and Canada. The Prevailing Word Report provides behind-the-scenes insight on these fellowships and comments from the Way Disciples, who faithfully reached out to people in their communities with God’s love, healing, and deliverance.

God will never fail His believing people as we come to Him in complete trust and confidence, knowing He is willing and able to meet our every need. Why not share this issue with someone you know and love? It could be just the boost they need to successfully climb a mountain in their life.

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