May/Jun 2012 Way Magazine


This year, as we are Dwelling Together in the Lord, we are growing in our understanding of the great deliverance that God has prepared for us, His children. But it’s not only for us. We have a message of deliverance for the person next to us! Anyone who hears and believes God’s Word will get the results.

In our first feature article, Sam Graham shows us that “Blessed Is the Nation” we live in when we boldly speak the truth of God’s Word. Those who respond will certainly need “Undershepherding the Word’s Way,” and Rev. Lenny Cariaga reveals from the Word how God wants that done. Also, folks of all ages will find that doing the Children’s Activities pages will be a fun reminder of truths from this issue.

Rev. Dan Davis, in his article “Make an Impact—Preach Christ!” teaches that as God’s beautiful representatives, we have the privilege of bringing glad tidings of Christ to our communities. Preach Christ, and you can make a powerful impact! For those who have wondered if horoscopes have a basis in God’s Word, What Does the Word Say? helps us separate truth from error regarding what the stars in the heavens reveal.

You won’t want to miss The Prevailing Word Report with its news on the victorious recognition fellowships held for Way Disciple Outreach Group XVIII. The great impact of their bold and faithful stand to reach out with God’s Word shines from the faces of those they have reached, and the details of their lives as Living Epistles! are recorded in heaven for eternal rewards. From The Way International Headquarters, we have coverage of the recording of the new advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power. Let’s continue to pray as all the elements are being developed for its presentation.

As you make the truths in this issue your own, consider ways you can share what you’ve learned with others. Perhaps even formulate a question you can ask people to start a conversation on a topic. Then be lovingly bold to speak forth God’s Word to those who want to know. With our understanding enlightened in the Book of Ephesians this year, we’ve got plenty of deliverance to make available!

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