May/Jun 2022 Way Magazine


In Colossians 2:2, it was the believers’ spiritual welfare that was of great concern to the Apostle Paul—not their intelligence, wealth, or fame—that their understanding would be enriched regarding the great mystery as their hearts were comforted, being knit together in love. Life is sweet and fulfilling when our hearts are knit together in love, as we’ll see more of in this issue.

In “Rising Up to God’s Standard as Husbands and Fathers,” Rev. Jesse Blosser shows how believing men can use God’s Word as their guidebook to become the best husbands and fathers they can be. Angie Gramlich shares that we put ourselves in the best position for “Receiving God’s Abundance” when we know and believe what is written in God’s Word and then act on that believing in a positive way. Neal Kelly points out principles of “Undershepherding with Love and Compassion” as he reviews some of the undershepherding that the Apostle Paul received throughout his life.

Tony Thomas teaches that we are “Laborers Together with God in the Outreach of His Word.” Not only do we have the privilege to work for our heavenly Father, but we also have the joy of working with God to reconcile others to Him. In the Old Testament History series, Patricia Barker reviews what is recorded about the lives of “Adam and Eve” in the first five chapters of the Book of Genesis.

The Word Over the World Report takes us behind the scenes during the recording of Power for Abundant Living Today, which took place at the Word Over the World Auditorium from December 6, 2021, through January 26, 2022. Another report relates the exciting news that The Way International Bookstore is now conveniently available online at!

Wherever we may be around the world, we can live with our hearts knit together in love, united with one mind and in one spirit on God’s Word. We can expect to spiritually abound together in life and show forth our full potential in Christ!

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