May/Jun 2014 Way Magazine


The feature articles in this issue focus on aspects of love, hope, and trust in God—all of which are necessary components to having God’s Word live and prevail in our lives. As you dig into each article, enjoy finding rich gems of truth that will help you increase your love, hope, and trust in our magnificent heavenly Father!

Jeanetter Lomax explains how “Forbearing One Another in Love” builds strength and unity in the Body of Christ and how the Word of God specifically encourages us to forbear one another. By manifesting this renewed-mind quality, we can lovingly hold each other up and help each other stand even stronger in the Lord. Dorothy Horrocks shows how “The Hope Helps Us Keep God First Now.” This article points to tremendous promises of God concerning our victorious future—promises that will inspire each of us to love and to faithfully stand for Him throughout our lifetime.

Robert Lewis shares that “Trusting in God by Tithing and Abundantly Sharing” is one way we can put God first in our lives. We see that these Biblical principles of financial giving are a tangible way for us to demonstrate our partnership with God and to recognize Him as the Supplier and Source of our prosperity. In Titles of God in the Bible, Rev. Joseph Wren explains that “Jehovah-tsebaoth—The Lord of Hosts” wields mighty power to help His people in their time of need.

The Children’s Activities pages are great reminders of the practical Biblical principles taught in this issue. You could help a budding believer with these activities, or complete them on your own! The Prevailing Word Report highlights two very exciting occasions in our worldwide ministry—the recognitions of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XX, and the release of the intermediate class on The Way of Abundance and Power in French and Spanish!

When you come across a portion of an article that especially blesses you, consider developing that section into a short teaching. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities you have to share it and help others increase their trust in God!

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