May/Jun 2015 Way Magazine


To receive anything from God, we must first know what is available. In this issue, we’ll see from God’s Word many resources and blessings He has made available to us by His grace so that we can abound in our lives and have great freedom to serve Him.

In “Spiritual Knowledge versus Natural Knowledge: Choose the Clear Advantage!” Michael Fort shows that in our daily choices, either we can be limited to only natural knowledge or we can be equipped to win in life by relying on the spiritual knowledge of God’s Word. Debbie Binkley explains that “Traveling Light: Free to Serve” is to lay aside every weight—physical or mental—that could hinder our freedom to live for God.

Troy Hunt teaches how you can “Enjoy Your Inheritance as God’s Son” by reaching out to others with love and boldness. In Titles of God in the Bible, Keith Jackson focuses on a title that is so very relevant and dear to us as God’s children—“God Our Father.”

The Witnesses in Our Occupations article, “Shining for God in Education,” demonstrates that living the Word’s way in our occupations gives us opportunities to shine and be witnesses for God. Young readers (and the not-so-young!) can enjoy the opportunity to dig deeper into the truths of God’s Word in this issue as they complete the Children’s Activities pages. The Prevailing Word Report sounds out with exciting news concerning the recognition fellowships held Saturday, April 4, 2015, to honor the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXI upon the completion of their six-month tenure of service.

As you read this issue, you may want to make a list of the resources and blessings God has made available to us by His grace. With your ever-increasing knowledge of what is available from God, you can put more and more into practical application in your daily walk. You’ll see God’s powerful blessings abound in your life, and you’ll be a shining example for others to follow!

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