May/Jun 2021 Way Magazine


God has spiritually equipped and enabled each of us to walk with His power inside as more than conquerors through Christ. Together, the Body of Christ is a powerful, unstoppable team!

With an exhortation to “Stand United as a Word-Moving Team!” Rev. Vern Edwards shows from Acts and Philippians that moving together as a cohesive, unified team is a powerful concept that is interwoven throughout God’s Word, particularly in the Grace Administration. Kelly Dorr shares three elements that played a significant role in “Manifesting God’s Power: Gifts of Healings” in the Book of Acts. As we apply the principles Linda Brown gives us, we can see God’s promises come to pass in our lives and enjoy “Benefits of Delighting in the Word.”

Continuing our series on Living the Mystery in This Wonderful Age of Grace, Jim Hulse shares how we as believers can “Let Members in the Body Be Particular” by embracing and appreciating each other’s unique qualities and abilities. Four fun and stimulating Children’s Activities pages can help our young people retain more of God’s Word from the articles in this issue as they dig a little deeper. What Does the Word Say? answers the question “Is Jesus Christ God?” by pointing out scriptures that clearly state that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

In The Prevailing Word Report you’ll find news from Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch, including an update on the Power for Abundant Living Camp in March and other events happening this year. Rev. Steve Crommett shares that when it comes to translating the ministry’s teachings and publications for believers worldwide, “Ministry Translations Are All about Teamwork!”

June 7, 2021, marks the fortieth anniversary of the dedication of the Garden of Living Waters, with its Fountain of Living Waters. Enjoy learning the significance of this beautiful centerpiece of The Way International Headquarters on pages 30 and 31, and come join us for the celebration May 22 and 23, 2021.

Let’s keep living and speaking God’s Word, manifesting His power, and shining as lights in the world!

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