Music for the More Abundant Life Vinyl LP Record


Music for the More Abundant Life is a representation and celebration of the many God-inspired songs produced by our believers around the world during the first eighty years of our ministry. Enclosed in a beautiful ruby red cover to commemorate The Way International’s 80th Anniversary, this collectible 12″ LP vinyl release showcases songs that have inspired believers to claim the more abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available. Music for the More Abundant Life includes a time line that traces important milestones in the history of God’s Word in music in our ministry, a photo collage of saints fellowshipping around the Word in music, and a song selection that honors eighty years’ worth of music that magnifies the rightly divided Word. Add Music for the More Abundant Life to your vinyl collection today!

You may also enjoy the Digital Deluxe Edition of this album on your favorite streaming platform such as SpotifyApple Music and iTunes, or Amazon Music. This special digital release contains not only the ten songs from the LP but also sixteen additional songs.

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Side One

  • It’s the Chimes Hour Youth Caravan
  • Sons of God
  • Oh, the Price He Paid
  • We’re on God’s Team
  • Don’t Stop

Side Two

  • God First
  • Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus
  • I Want to Live Like Jesus Christ
  • Valiant for the Truth
  • We Are the Lights