Nov/Dec 2007 Way Magazine


As sons of God, we seek to grow in our operation of the spiritual abilities that our heavenly Father has given us in the new birth. This year will be a tremendous time of learning to walk out on God’s Word to evidence even more power and abundance in our lives.

For instance, Linda Stiles shows how we can manifest “The More-than-a-Conqueror Mind-set” to overcome obstacles and challenges in life with surpassing victory. Jesus Christ always walked in perfect step with his Father’s will, and he is the perfect example of “Walking in Love,” as Robert Mc Culloch explains. Angie Gramlich teaches in “Manifesting God’s Power: Witnesses unto Him” that we are witnesses of God’s power as we remember what Jesus Christ accomplished for us and manifest the mighty power we’ve been given.

This issue’s feature articles contain all the answers needed to complete the delightful activities provided on pages 13–16. Have fun digging a little deeper and further establishing the Word of God in your heart. “The Foundation of Parenting: God’s Word” gives many practical pointers on how to inspire and guide young people to live a life of godly service and commitment. In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess sheds light on scriptures that talk about “Joseph’s Robe of Heirship,” broadening our understanding of God’s Word.

The sixty-fifth anniversary celebration and the commissioning of Way Disciple Outreach Group XIV was a magnificent event at The Way International Headquarters and in New Zealand. Enjoy reading The Prevailing Word Report with highlights and photographs of this significant occasion in our ministry. Also shown here are photographs of this year’s Region coordinators and a map of the Regions in The Way of the U.S.A., helping us to picture these leaders as we pray for them and for others in our ministry worldwide.

God has blessed our ministry for more than sixty-five years. Let’s keep living it up each day in the greatness of God’s Word as we take action on His promises and manifest His mighty power!

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