Nov/Dec 2014 Way Magazine


Throughout this ministry year, we have the joy to learn more about Abounding in God’s Grace. In this issue we’ll see how to claim many of the blessings of God’s grace that are available to us.

“The Loving Labor of Witnessing and Undershepherding,” by Mark Ladwig, shows from the Scriptures and from real-life examples the vital and rewarding role we, as sons of God, have in fulfilling God’s desire that all men be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of the truth (I Timothy 2:4). By looking at records involving “Jesus Christ and the Power in His Name,” Linda Stiles demonstrates the right and authority we have as born-again believers to use the name of Jesus Christ. Debra Olthouse shows the privilege we have to direct others to “A Change of Heart” by manifesting God’s love and forgiveness to them.

In this issue’s installment of the Titles of God in the Bible series, Robin Magnelli shows magnificent truths about God’s relationship with us from His divine name “Jehovah-meqaddishkem—The Lord Who Sanctifies Us.” And remember to check out the interactive Children’s Activities pages located at the center of the magazine. What a fun way to reinforce the Biblical truths taught in this issue!

With words and photographs, The Prevailing Word Report depicts the joy-filled seventy-second anniversary celebration of our ministry and the commissioning of Way Disciple Outreach Group XXI in October at The Way International Headquarters. Across from the contents page you’ll find a map of the 2014–2015 Regions in The Way of the U.S.A., with photos of each Region coordinator and his wife for your prayers and believing.

This issue is loaded with wonderful reminders of God’s abundant grace. Why not pair up with someone and make a list of the many blessings of God’s grace that are mentioned? Then you’ll have an edifying list to display in your home and share with others!

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