Nov/Dec 2021 Way Magazine


In knitting, all the stitches are interconnected and each stitch is important to firmly hold the piece together. If one is dropped, a repair is needed for the piece to maintain its strength and hold together firmly. Likewise, in the Body of Christ we each have an important role to carry out with love so that our hearts are closely joined and firmly knit together, strong in God’s Word. Personally applying truths in this issue will help each of us do our part to stay unified and walk with power.

By tracking occurrences of Greek words related to “savior,” Dean Etchison shows four aspects of “Jesus Christ—the Savior of God’s People” to build a fuller appreciation for the magnitude of the salvation that God wrought in Christ. In “Peter—from Fear to Believing,” Reggie Henry teaches how Peter changed from being full of fear to being full of boldness, conviction, and courage for God. Chrissy Carroll illustrates how we can go forth in life as victors, facing our challenges and “Being Thankful No Matter the Circumstance.”

In “The Final Victory,” Rev. Joseph Wren completes our series on Living the Mystery in This Wonderful Age of Grace: he shares what God did so we could have the Hope in our hearts and faithfully stand for God. In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Kyle Isfalt explains the significance of “The Elders at the Gates.” We see who the elders were, how they developed in leadership positions, and what specific role the elders at the gates had.

Our series Workmen of the Word expounds upon what is meant by the phrase in “Exodus 3:14, ‘I AM.’ ” See the Word Over the World Report for a highlight of the events that took place during the seventy-ninth anniversary weekend in the beginning of October. And don’t miss the colorful photo spread of projects completed at Headquarters, showing our cheerful givers a bit of their abundant sharing at work!

May our hearts become even more tightly knit together in love as we live God’s Word greater and reach out to those hungering hearts who want and need God’s love.

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