On the Trail of Manners and Customs of the Bible (Volume I)


There are 25 individual studies in this book; a few of the titles are “The Eagle of the Bible,” “What’s in a Name?,” “Shepherd/Pastor,” and “Watchmen.” The Bible is an Eastern book. Having a clearer understanding of manners and customs of the East will aid us in rightly dividing God’s Word.

Our free handout explains some of the ways this research work can help you in your Biblical study.


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• On the Birth of Jesus Christ

• Burning the Chaff

• The Donkey: Beast of Burden

• The Eagle of the Bible

• Giving Gifts

• The Hand of Blessing

• Housetops

• Hyssop: A Symbol of Cleansing and Purification

• Jewelry in Bible Times

• The Kiss

• Lydia, Seller of Purple

• Mary’s Purification Offering

• What’s in a Name?

• Phylacteries

• Eastern Postures of Prayer

• Sackcloth, Ashes, and Dust

• The Samaritan Woman

• Sandals

• Shepherd-Pastor

• A Son Is Born

• Teachers in Bible Times

• Trees of the East

• Watchmen

• The Eastern Yoke

• Zacchaeus the Publican