Sep/Oct 2005 Way Magazine


On the facing page is a loving recognition of Mrs. Victor Paul Wierwille, who awaits the return of Jesus Christ. We’re believing this will bless you and remind you of the sterling quality of our First Lady of The Way.

What an enlightening year we’ve enjoyed, building our Biblical understanding. As we begin a new ministry year, we eagerly anticipate new vistas of understanding and fruitful living of God’s Word.

In “Building Our Appreciation of God’s Word,” Rev. Roger Mittler shows how the teaching ministry of The Way offers numerous sources of learning to help us build and increase our knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the Bible. Rev. Tom Mullins looks at some of the many blessings and benefits we can thank God for on a daily basis as we make “The Attitude of Gratitude” a habit pattern in our lives.

In another feature article, “Long, Healthy, Prosperous Lives: God’s Will for His People,” Rev. Tom Horrocks documents that God wants only the very best for us in our lives. Rev. Marcia Greene expounds on the parable of the sower and the seed to show the “Four Reactions to the Spoken Word.”

In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. Don Lomax teaches about scripture build-up, or narrative development, which is the fourth aspect of how the Scripture interprets itself in the verse. The Prevailing Word Report highlights two recent events: the highly concentrated time of spiritual development at the advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power held at International Headquarters and the inspiring events of The Way Corps class of 2005 graduation held at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch. We rejoice with and congratulate those who completed the Advanced Class and the new Way Corps graduates, who are serving in their assignments.

We can expect great growth and deliverance in the year ahead as we continue our pursuit of more abundant living in the promised land of the prevailing Word!

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