Sep/Oct 2007 Way Magazine


Throughout this ministry year, we’ve seen that walking in the steps of Jesus Christ is an exciting journey each of us can take. Jesus Christ thought God’s Word and walked out on it, knowing that the Word of God was the will of God for his life. In this issue, we will continue to focus on ways we can walk out on God’s Word to accomplish His will in our lives.

Finding God’s promises relative to any situation and then synchronizing our confession and action upon those promises puts us well on our way to “Claiming God’s Power: The Synchronized Life.” We can experience the life of abundance and power God intends us to live, as Rev. Joe Naviello teaches in his article. Be sure to check out the suggestions for further study to expand your understanding of the synchronized life.

Rev. Tom Horrocks answers the question “When Will the Dead Be Made Alive?” by reviewing events of the future related to the hope of Christ’s return. Understanding how wonderfully our loving heavenly Father has prepared for us throughout all eternity provides tremendous comfort to our lives today.

Rev. Mike Anderson shows how having “Christ in you” completely enables us to live “For the Glory of God,” and he points out practical ways for us to accomplish that goal. Enjoy writing down some of your own thoughts on how you can bring glory to God in the “Read and Do” activity included with this article. In “Loving Service—Always in Style!” Rev. Don Lomax highlights qualities of certain believers listed in Romans 16 and other places in the Word. We can learn much from the examples of first-century believers and from men and women today who have built a life-style of loving service.

In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. Greg Shaffer shares the first of seven steps to Biblical accuracy: the individual word must be understood. These seven steps will help us gain an accurate understanding of a verse or section of scripture. The Prevailing Word Report gives details of two power-filled summer events: the 2007 Advanced Class presented at The Way International and The Way Corps class of 2007 graduation held at Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch.

May your life be blessed, strengthened, and inspired as you delve into these bountiful truths that await you!

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