Sep/Oct 2012 Way Magazine


For seventy years, The Way Ministry has met the spiritual needs of people around the world by boldly and lovingly making known the integrity and accuracy of God’s Word. It is our joy to present this special 70th Anniversary Edition of The Way Magazine that highlights many of the abundant resources available in our Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry. This issue is designed to bless you and serve as an effective tool that you can use to introduce people to the ministry and to familiarize others with the fullness of what our worldwide ministry has to offer.

Each article reflects the believing of men, women, and young people over these seven decades, who rolled up their sleeves to help make available the wealth of Biblical understanding we enjoy so much today. Our only response can be thankfulness for God’s grace and mercy, which are at the foundation of our ministry, and appreciation for the believing and giving of His wonderful people over these many years.

In The Prevailing Word Report, enjoy reading about two power-packed summer events at The Way International Headquarters: the 2012 Advanced Class held in June and the graduation of The Way Corps class of 2012 in July. Powerful sharings of deliverance in the From the Heart: Letters department demonstrate how God is dynamically at work to strengthen, bless, and heal people as they take believing action on His Word.

Our ministry continues to operate today by believing—as we take God’s prevailing Word to the world with committed leaders and faithful believers. God wants us to believe His Word and move, keeping it flowing out to others, strengthening ourselves and those around us. We have Christ in us, and we can claim God’s abundance and power each day. Let’s continue to bless our heavenly Father as we do all for the glory of God and the accuracy of His Word. Happy 70th anniversary!

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