May/Jun 2019 Way Magazine


This year we are focusing on the multifaceted life and ministry of Jesus Christ—who he is, how he accomplished our heavenly Father’s will, and what Jesus Christ accomplished for us—so that we can confidently make him known to others. What a joy it is to bring the light of God’s Word to those who sit in darkness!

In light of our theme, which is giving us a deeper look at the four Gospels, we offer a special reprint of an article by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, the Founding President of The Way International. It’s called “What the Four Gospels don’t Say.” The four Gospel writers wrote only what they were instructed by God, via holy spirit, to write. We can certainly see the great integrity of God’s Word in what the writers don’t say, as well as in what they do say.

Paula Wren teaches that when you take inventory of all God has done for you and “Tell Your Story of Deliverance!” you powerfully proclaim God’s goodness and what He will do for others who are searching for the truth. Corinne Hunt shares principles of the renewed mind that can help us avoid being distracted in our walk and service to God by “Setting Our Minds On Things Above.” In “Building Godly Qualities in Our Families,” John DeFere inspires families to live the Word together and teaches how to keep God first amid the negative worldly influences families face today.

In Five Basics for Building Faithfulness, Rev. Tom Horrocks looks at the benefits of “Building Faithfulness in Our Prayer Life.” With photographs and heart sharings, The Prevailing Word Report gives insights into the recognition fellowships held on Saturday, April 6, 2019, in honor of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXV. In another report, we can learn of believers enjoying A Holiday in the High Country! and the Intermediate Class on The Way of Abundance and Power Camp held at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch.

Each of us has a story to tell—a story of deliverance showing what God has done for us and will do for others. If you would like to write a short letter of thankfulness about how the Word of God you learned in The Way Ministry has blessed you in some category, feel free to submit your letter to The Way Magazine so we can rejoice together!

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