Sep/Oct 2018 Way Magazine


God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to make available life more abundantly (John 10:10), and He gave us His Word to read and study so we can tap into His abundance and power. The Way Magazine can play a huge supporting role in helping us accomplish those endeavors. It can help us dig into the richness and depth of God’s Word to build its truths in our hearts and make the practical principles of that Word living and real in our lives! The articles in our September/October issue offer this support.

Rev. John Rupp teaches us how to increase our effectiveness in “Leading Others to Jesus Christ” by bringing our conversations around to the topic of Jesus Christ. “Claim Your Joy-Filled Life,” by Lindsey Padilla, shows us how to build our relationship with God and keep our focus on Him, the Source of our joy. Parents can set up their children for success in every aspect of life by diligently teaching them God’s Word, as Teresa Kuntz explains in “Teaching Our Children God’s Word.” Filling our two-page center spread is a colorful pictorial view of the Power of Prayer Camp for Families, held July 3–7, and getaways in June and July at Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch.

The Prevailing Word Report reveals the significance of an exceptional Biblical display in the Founder’s Room of the Prevailing Word Auditorium. This display expands our appreciation of how God worked in faithful men to make His Word accessible to people with translations, reproduction, and distribution of the Bible in their native languages. You can also enjoy reading about two power-packed events at The Way International Headquarters—the 2018 Advanced Class and the graduation of The Way Corps class of 2018. Another report updates us on the Days in the Word taking place around the world in celebration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of The Way International.

Make a plan to incorporate this issue of The Way Magazine into your personal study time to dig into the richness and depth of God’s Word presented here. Choose a study time that works for you, schedule in specific articles, and then follow through with your plan! God’s Word will become even more living and real in your life!

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