September/October 2023 Way Magazine


This issue starts off with “So Glad I Came to Fellowship Tonight!” by Lyndon Sumlin. The abundant life that you and I are seeking is found in the elements of the home fellowship being together. This is where rejoicing, healing, and redirection all take place for us to land on the higher ground of God’s Word.

Renita Sage helps us grow in our study of the Word with “Figures of Speech in the Bible Simplified.” Renita teaches that we can learn to identify some figures of speech by understanding three basic categories: figures of omission, addition, and change.

There are many Biblical records and scriptures that we can solidify in our hearts to help us find refuge during life’s challenges. In “Scriptures to Help Us Stay Calm amid Life’s Storms,” Lori Stanbridge gives examples for us to recall and apply at any time as we take on any of life’s storms.

“The Waldensians: Early Evangelical Reformers” by Rodney Grilliot teaches us about the Waldensians, a group who helped lay the foundation of the Protestant Reformation. Their remarkable perseverance to keep the Scriptures alive and speak the Word resulted in a tremendous impact in their day and time.

This issue also includes these enlightening series articles:

  • Old Testament History – Kier Padilla presents God’s faithfulness in “Jacob and His Sons: The Journey to Egypt.” This account reminds us of God’s limitless provision for the faithful.
  • Leadership Profile Series – The second of our leadership profiles! In this issue, the article features Rev. John Rupp. This series gives us a closer, personal look at those who have chosen to commit themselves in service to God’s people in The Way.

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