The Way Tree


“The Way Tree” outlines a framework for the Church of the Body’s operation, focusing on leadership, organizational development, and individual spiritual growth, all grounded in the Word of God and intended as a guide for ecclesiastical practice.

Practical unity resides in born-again believers coming to the Word of God and following what God has to say regarding the Church of the Body. As believers grow to better understand their positions and functions, their abilities, and ways they can serve, they can carry out their calling to the glory of God and the continued movement of His Word.

“The Way Tree” presents Biblical principles regarding how God desires the Church of the Body to operate, such as:

  • The necessity for and qualifications of leadership in the Church.
  • The practical application of Biblical principles in the structure, growth, and development of organization and framework for the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Opportunities for the spiritual growth of individuals as they carry out their ministry of reconciliation.

This study serves simply as a guideline for these matters. The foundation and basis of right practice in the Church is the Word of God. Grounded in Biblical teachings, “The Way Tree” is essential for anyone seeking to fulfill their ministry and enhance their understanding of the practical application of God’s Word as it pertains to leadership in the Church, particularly when serving with The Way International. Get your copy today and see how it can enhance your function in the Church of the Body.

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