Jan/Feb 2006 Way Magazine


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

—John 8:32

Learning and applying the truth of God’s Word gives us freedom to reach our full potential as God’s sons and daughters. This issue is bursting at the seams with Biblical solutions to apply in our daily lives.

In his article, Rev. John R. Reynolds shows that “Focused Believing Action” is the key to getting our need met and obtaining our heart’s desire according to God’s Word. Brenda Mullins shares the encouraging truth that with God’s Word in our lives we are “Standing on Solid Ground.” To claim our God-given righteousness, Robin Magnelli gives specific actions we can take to be “Renewed to Righteousness.” In “Mary Believed!” Sandi Oeding points out Mary’s wonderful example of believing that we can learn from. We too can respond with total confidence that God will perform His Word for us as we believe.

The Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index for 2005 can lead us to more Biblical solutions for daily living. This index may be detached from the center of the magazine and utilized with other reference materials in researching God’s Word. In the Keys to Biblical Research department, Rev. John Linder expounds on the second key, “The Scripture Interprets Itself: In the Context.” By observing scripture verses in their context, we build a clear understanding of God’s Word.

In honor of our military men and women who serve around the world, The Prevailing Word Report highlights one shining example of a U.S. military Advanced Class graduate and home fellowship coordinator who was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

As we continue to seek out and apply Biblical solutions for daily living, we can expect to see God’s goodness and power abound in our lives.

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