Jan/Feb 2007 Way Magazine


God’s Word promises in John 14:12 that believers can do the works of Jesus Christ and greater works. This promise is ours to claim today as we walk in his steps. In order to increase the power of God in our lives, let’s go to the Scriptures to observe the works he did and learn what he accomplished for us.

Rev. Greg Shaffer looks at God’s brilliant plan of redemption and shows how “Jesus Christ—Man’s Redeemer” fulfilled God’s plan for all of mankind. Today, all born-again believers have redemption, everlasting life, and freedom to live above the adversary’s power and authority. We can receive God’s promises in our lives by “Believing the Integrity of God’s Word,” as Barbara Mc Culloch teaches in her article. In “Becoming an Example,” Nancy Brooks examines I Timothy 4:12 and the Old Testament record of Daniel as a young believer who became an example to others by living God’s Word.

You’ll want to be on the lookout for a new interactive element in this issue entitled “God Promises Us…” It highlights a promise of God from each feature article along with scriptural accounts showing those promises being claimed. Have fun looking up these and other records in the Word that demonstrate believers claiming each promise!

The Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index for 2006 is a convenient reference tool that can help us in our study of the Word. It can be removed from the center of the magazine and used as a quick reference to all the articles and scriptures that were presented in 2006. In Keys to Biblical Research, we learn more about rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Robert Mc Culloch focuses our attention on the category of “Biblical Truths We Must Adhere To: Get ‘To Whom’ Correct—Administrations.”

In The Prevailing Word Report, you’ll be uplifted to read of many blessings that were reaped at the 2006 advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power. You can also enjoy overviews of two magnificent times in our ministry: the Advanced Class Special held at The Way International Headquarters in November and the thirtieth anniversary of Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch.

As we bring the life and ministry of Jesus Christ to the forefront of our minds and imitate his example, we will gain new heights in our believing walk with our heavenly Father!!

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