Jan/Feb 2008 Way Magazine


Since the day of Pentecost, God’s magnificent gift of holy spirit, power from on high, has been available to anyone who believes to receive it. Today, by God’s love, grace, mercy, and peace, we can manifest power for abundant living. This issue explores these four fundamental realities to help us rise up further in our believing walk.

Rev. Marcia Greene shows “Our New Way to Love.” By living in the love of God, we can manifest His prevailing power and stay on the spiritual cutting edge of life! Rev. John Spevak points out some of the abundant grace God has given us, why we need it, and what “Standing Fast in God’s Grace” means in our everyday walk.

Rev. Dan Davis explains how we can bring God’s deliverance and freedom to others when we are “Walking in the Abundance of God’s Mercy.” Along with love, grace, and mercy, we need God’s peace to walk with God’s power. Brenda Mullins looks at what “Living with God’s Peace” is and gives us some practical keys from the Word to keep His peace ruling in our hearts.

The Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index for 2007 is a fast track to valuable information as you study God’s Word. This convenient reference tool can be removed from the center of this issue and used to access all of the articles and scriptures presented in 2007. In Keys to Biblical Research, Steve Longley applies the second of seven steps to Biblical accuracy to help us gain an accurate understanding of Galatians 3:27 and 28.

In The Prevailing Word Report, from Gunnison, Colorado, Vince McFadden reports that the high country camps and getaways have begun at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch! Read more on page 25. And in the Letters Department, you’ll enjoy reading of the spiritual growth new students and work-study program participants received at the 2007 advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power.

May you be inspired to reach new heights of learning and growth as you turn each page!

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