Jan/Feb 2012 Way Magazine


What victory, abundance, power, and healing are ours as we live the Word’s way together, dwelling in the Lord! As we keep God’s Word dwelling richly in our hearts and minds and walk out on it, we can manifest the complete deliverance His Word promises us.

In “Synchronized with the Word to Win,” Mark Ladwig shows from the Book of Ephesians the victorious lifestyle we can enjoy as we synchronize our lives with the clear standard of God’s Word. If you would like to see more of God’s abundance in your life, Gary Frederick’s feature “Living Abundantly within Our Means” is for you! This article gives simple Biblical principles for building good spending habits that will help us live within our means and receive God’s promised prosperity.

With the Old Testament example of Daniel, Rev. Scott Clark points to one choice guaranteed to release God’s power and blessings in our lives: “Choose the Way of Truth.” In Titles of God in the Bible, Linda Coulter focuses our attention on “Jehovah-ropheka—The Lord Who Heals Us.” This title of God clearly shows that our loving heavenly Father can and will bring healing. When you’re out holding forth God’s Word, do you find people with this question in their hearts: “Does everything in life happen for a purpose?” Our What Does the Word Say? series clearly answers that question directly from the Scriptures.

The 2011 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index lists all of the authors, articles, and scriptures found in the issues over this past calendar year. This insert may be detached and stored in a binder or folder for quick and easy reference as you read and study God’s Word. The Prevailing Word Report spotlights Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark’s itinerary to Germany. She carried the heart of the Board of Directors and Headquarters to the leaders and all the wonderful saints there as they enjoyed sweet fellowship around the greatness of God’s Word.

The Way Magazine is a great avenue for providing practical written teachings to those who love God and His Word. See what truths or principles you will glean from the magazine to enrich your life and that of the person next to you.

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