Jan/Feb 2014 Way Magazine


The Way Magazine is a wonderful addition to any personal library for Biblical study. Each issue is filled with practical truths from God’s Word. This particular issue is a tremendous resource to help you build your trust in God.

Having the strength and capacity to endure and overcome obstacles is necessary to reach our spiritual goals. Pat Pugh shows us from God’s Word how we can develop our “Endurance to Reach the Goal.” In her article, Teresa Guigou explains the process of “Rerouting Negative Thinking to the Higher Ground of God’s Word,” where we can enjoy God’s abundance and power. Stephanie Henson uses the acronym “T-R-U-S-T” to share practical keys on how we can build and strengthen our trust in God as we face physical, mental, or spiritual challenges.

The 2013 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index is included in the center of this issue. It lists all of the authors, articles, and scriptures found in issues over the past calendar year. If desired, remove it and file it with your other indexes for quick and easy reference. “God Promises Us…” highlights some of the many promises from God’s Word included in this issue.

What Does the Word Say? answers the question, “Is man’s fate already determined?” Find the Biblical answer to that question and learn how important freedom of will is to your life.

An exciting Prevailing Word Report gives a preview of the new Advanced Class and lists many of the benefits in store for those involved in this Biblically in-depth class in June 2014. Another report shows how The Way Magazine Reading Plan is producing good fruit in twenty-five International Outreach countries where believers speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or German: what joy these saints have to faithfully retain and apply the truths they are learning.

Each item in this issue can help us build our trust in God. For example, you could use The Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index to find past articles about trusting God. Or, you could begin a “God Promises Us…” book of your own and add the promises listed to your collection. Then share them with others. Enjoy discovering the many profitable ways to use The Way Magazine as you study and live God’s Word!

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