Jan/Feb 2016 Way Magazine


During this ministry year, we are going to God’s Word to understand His love greater than ever before so that we can live God’s love bigger as we reach out with His prevailing Word. This issue of The Way Magazine is a wonderful resource to expand our un-derstanding of living God’s great love as we carry out His will.

Rev. John Spevak explains how we can take “God’s Prevailing Word to the World” with believing and commitment. Then Rev. David Lippold surveys Psalm 119 to show us “The Heart of One Devoted to Keeping God First.” We can each build that love and devotion for God’s Word in our heart, just like the psalmist.

To enhance your personal study of God’s Word, this issue includes the 2015 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index. This index lists the authors, articles, and scriptures found in all the 2015 issues. The index can be removed and filed with earlier indexes for quick and easy reference as you study to show yourself approved unto God (II Timothy 2:15).

This issue begins a new series—I Corinthians 13: The Love of God. It focuses in on what God’s love looks like and how we can live it. The introductory article delves into “The Profit in Living God’s Love” and shows that His love never fails. In Titles of God in the Bible, Brenda Mullins looks at the five occurrences of “the God of peace” to show that He is the Source and Author of peace and that He has given us peace by way of His Son, Jesus Christ.

What Does the Word Say? demonstrates the application of a fundamental key to the Word’s interpretation in answering the question, “Did God forsake Jesus as he was dying on the cross?” In the Witnesses in Our Occupations article, “Prospering the Word’s Way,” Maryann Bianchi explains that keeping our souls prospering according to God’s Word is key to reaping genuine prosperity and success. Highlighted in The Prevailing Word Report is the impact of the French and Spanish Intermediate Classes in our brother and sister countries worldwide.

As you enjoy reading this issue, you can make a checklist of various ways you can man-ifest God’s love to others. Then put a check by them when you do them over the next few weeks!

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